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???So Easy So Good Veggie Salad???

So easy, so good! Yes this Vegan Veggie Salad is both!

I wasn’t really sure what to title this post. Yes I will tell you how to make the veggie salad. I also wanted to share with you why.

I’ve  been vegan for over three years now. I love being vegan and can’t imagine not being vegan. I eat only vegan food. The majority of the time I make all my meals from scratch. On some occasions I do eat packaged vegan foods. That my friends is what I mainly want to talk about. I promise I’ll keep it short ?

I’ve  noticed that my body isn’t very happy  with me when I eat processed or package food even though it’s vegan.  To be truthful, my body feels like crap when I eat packed foods.

Listen to your body!

There are so many packaged vegan foods popping up in stores nowadays.

just because they’re vegan doesn’t mean they’re good for you. Some contain a lot of  sugar, sodium, oils, and some strange stuff I can’t pronounce?

If you want to make sure the food you are eating is really good for you it’s best to make it yourself. I love knowing what is going into my body. When I make my meals from scratch I know exactly what I’m eating.

cooking from scratch isn’t hard or time consuming. You don’t need recipes or strange ingredients.

This is the part where the veggie salad comes in?

It really is so easy to make!

I’ll tell you how I made mine, but you can make yours however you like?

I used One 15oz can of organic no sodium black beans, one 15oz can of organic chickpeas. Drained and rinsed them. Pour into a large bowl. Add a 15 oz can of organic diced tomatoes with their juice. That’s the base of the salad. From this point on you can add any veggies and seasonings you like.

I added about a cup of corn, one chopped red bell pepper, a half red onion chopped, less then 1/4 cup of Oliver oil, a little sea salt and fresh ground pepper, a few dashes of chili powder, and some dried cilantro. Mix it all up in the bowl.

I like to put fresh basil on the top when serving.

You can serve it as is in a bowl, put it on top of spinach or rice, or even wrap it up in a tortilla and toast it ( I did the wrap yesterday for lunch, so good !)

So there you have it!

Have fun experimenting with your food. Spices are a great way to add flavor to anything.

choose the foods you love and create your own amazing meals❤️

⭐️I hope you found this post useful⭐️

If you try the Veggie Salad recipe let me know if you like it.

If you come up with your own creation, I’d love to hear about that too!



Vegan Nacho Pizza



Some nights you just don’t feel like cooking a big meal. That’s exactly how I felt Saturday night.  Frank and I did a lot of running around that day so I decided to make something quick and easy, oh, and yummy too.

You may have read in my page, A Day in The Life Of The Everyday Vegan, that I like to keep Trader Joes frozen pizza crust in my freezer. They are vegan and taste really good.  Well Saturday night it came in handy. Thanks Joe!

image image


I surveyed my fridge to see what other veggies and stuff I had on hand that I could work with.  I had some Trader Joes Pizza Sauce, mushrooms, yellow bell pepper, spinach, and a red onion. Looking pretty promising so far.

Next I checked my pantry. There I had some black beans and some vegan tortilla chips.


That’s it’s!  I’ll make a Nacho Pizza!

It turned out really good!  So I decided to share it with you.

Here we go…


  • 1 vegan pizza crust ( I use Trader Joes )
  • 1 jar of pizza sauce any brand as long as it’s vegan or make your own
  • 1/2-1 cup mushrooms sliced
  • 1/4 of a small red onion diced
  • 1/4 of a yellow bell pepper diced
  • 1/2 cup black beans
  • A small handful of spinach
  • Vegan tortilla chips broken into pieces
  • Dried Oregano
  • chili powder
  • Garlic powder.
  • You can leave out any of the ingredients  you don’t want or add more or less of anything


Preheat oven according to crust directions

Prepare your pizza crust according to package

Spread in a circular motion as much pizza sauce as you like on the crust. But don’t get too crazy with it

Add a few dashes or chili and garlic powder on the sauce. Add more if you want your pizza on the spicey side

Now add your mushrooms, diced onion, diced yellow bell peppers, black beans, spinach, tortilla chips and a few shakes of oregano

Bake in the oven according to the pizza crust package directions.

Once pizza is done, remove from oven and shake on some more oregano if desired.

Slice and enjoy!


Original recipe created by Linda Schmidt


If you like this recipe let me know.  Your questions and comments are always welcomed?





Ordering Vegan At Blue Highway A Pizzeria


Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate my son’s 25th birthday.  Since it’s Derick’s special day he got  to pick where we went.   It’s kind of a family tradition.

Blue Highway A Pizzeria was his restaurant of choice.  They have really  good food and a pretty good selection from pizza, to sandwiches, salads, and pasta dishes.   They also offer some vegetarian options.

I knew ordering wouldn’t  be too difficult.  I could very easily  order from the salad section.  But I was in the mood for something a little more hearty.

So I headed over to the sandwich section of the menu.  This is usually a good place to start when you are eating at a non-vegan restaurant.

A lot of places have at least one sandwich that has a variety of veggies on it.  Yes there will probably be things on the sandwich you don’t want to eat, mainly cheese.  Restaurants like to put cheese on everything.   Just tell your server you are vegan and to leave off all dairy items and of course meat if there is any.  They are usually very accommodating.  Some times they may even offer to add on extra veggies or some type of condiment.  My sandwich of choice was the Roasted Vegatable Panini. All I had to leave off was the cheese.  It came with sweet pickles on the side so I added them to the panini which really added a nice flavor boost and some crunch factor.


image image

Most restaurants are willing to work with you or give you suggestions for food that may fit your needs.  The sides section of the menu is another great place to find food you want to eat.  There is usually several veggie options along with rice, baked potatoes, sweet potato fries, and some times applesauce.  You could make a loaded baked potato or mixed veggies over rice.   You just need to think outside the box and don’t be afraid to tell your server your vegan.  Most of the time they are very eager to help put together a meal for you.

image image

It was a beautiful night, we sat out on the patio. Everyone had a good meal of their choice, lots of good conversation, and tons of laughs.  Derick, the birthday boy, even got a birthday cannoli complete with a birthday candle.

Hope all your wishes come true Derick!


Love to hear from you!  Questions, suggestions, comments, or just to say Hi?