A Day in The Life of The Everyday Vegan


Morning…Good Morning Sunshine! : I usually start my day with some type of oatmeal for breakfast. You can add so many wonderful spices, fruit, nuts,and seeds to it. It’s nutritious and  filling.  When I know I’m going to have a morning  where I have to rush out early,  I prepare some overnight oats the night before. Then in the morning I just grab them out of the fridge and I’m on my way with a healthy breakfast.

Frank and I celebrating with his mom, Rose, in December 2015 for her 98th birthday! Every morning, Rose eats “oatmeal with blueberries and just a little bit of turmeric, I don’t want it too spicy “

Lunch: Sometimes leftovers from dinner the night before.  If there are no leftovers I usually make some type of nut butter sandwich. I use all natural peanut butter fresh made from Wards Market or their fresh  made almond butter.  I use Organic Sprouted Whole Grain  Ezekiel bread, made by Food For Life, or  Trader Joes Organic Sprouted Daily Bread. I toast the bread, spread on whichever nut butter I decide to use and put banana slices on top.  Depending on the mood I’m in I’ll either sprinkle it with ground ginger or cinnamon.  Then I throw on some chia seeds and I’m good to go. Every once in a while I’ll heat up a little coconut oil in a skillet and make a grilled nut butter and banana sandwich.

Dinner: Hmmm, that’s a hard one. I love finding new recipes and cooking everything from scratch.  I’m always making new things so I can’t pin it down to any specifics.  Lots of veggies, beans, grains ( brown rice, quinoa, farro) I love sweet potatoes, kale, chickpeas, tahini, mushrooms, and brown rice noodles.  I also like tofu. If you marinade it and cook it right it’s really good.

I love making vegan pizza. The pizza dough is like a blank canvas for you to create your own masterpiece on.  There is no wrong way to top your pizza just keep it healthy and vegan.  Some times I make my own crust, but I like to keep Trader Joes frozen organic pizza dough in the freezer.  It’s great for those nights where you need a quick meal. It comes with two pizza crust in a pack, and it’s Vegan.

You can check out some really great recipes on my breakfast, lunch, and dinner boards on Pinterest: Allyouneediskale

I really only drink water. In the late afternoon I will sometimes drink some warm Golden Milk ( you can find the recipe on my post ) it’s loaded with spices and of course turmeric which has so many health benefits. Check out the post and try some.  I very rarely drink coffee and if I do I use coconut oil as my creamer.

I stay away from processed and packaged food as much a possible.

I shop at Wards a family owned market here in Gainesville FL. They have wonderful organic produce and the best bulk section (I love buying in bulk).  I also shop at Trader Joes, Earth Orgins, and the Wednesday night and Saturday morning Farmers Market here in Gainesville.

I get plenty of protein from the food I eat. I get asked that a lot. I also get asked how do I stay healthy!?  I just smile and say, “because the food I eat is healthy”

The only supplement I take is  VegLife Vegan B- Complex. I buy mine from Vitacost.

I use all natural cruelty free shampoo and conditioner.  The make up  and moisturizer I use are also cruelty free.  I use organic virgin coconut oil as my eye cream.

image image image

Why I chose a vegan lifestyle:  I like to know what I’m putting in my body.  I want to be the healthiest I can be. I don’t feel like a traditional diet is a healthy one.  I don’t want to be part of the pain, suffering, and cruelty that goes into a traditional diet.  I respect our planet and every living thing on it.  I feel so much healthier on a plant based diet than I did before.

Cooking is fun now.  The meals I make are beautiful, so full of color from all the fresh veggies and all the amazing spices.  I can’t  ever imagine going back to the way I use to cook and eat.

When shopping make sure to always read the labels on the packages, bottles, or cans if you are shopping in a food store that isn’t vegan. You’d be surprised how many things have milk in them. Things that shouldn’t have milk in them…I don’t get it?

There is a free app you can download called  IsItVegan  you scan the bar code on the packaging and it tells you if it’s vegan or not. It’s pretty cool especially if you’re new to vegan shopping.

I’m sure your wondering…no all my friends, including my boyfriend, and family are not vegan.  Is eating with family or friends or going out to eat difficult for me…no. I can always find something on the menu I will eat.  At holiday gatherings I usually make a vegan dish to bring along with me.

Sometimes when I’m eating out with people they’ll say, ” Oh you can’t eat that” my reply is “I can eat whatever I want. I chose not to eat that”

Vegan is a lifestyle not a diet!

I hope this gives you some idea what it’s like being Vegan. Not so hard…right?!

I’m here to help you. Please feel free to ask any questions you have about anything.  I’m more then happy to help you along the way on your vegan journey.






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