Welcome To My Everyday Vegan Life

it's Vegan!
             It’s Vegan!

Hi! My name is Linda and I’d like to welcome you into my everyday vegan life.
I live in Gainesville Fl with my very supportive boyfriend Frank, who is an awesome guitarist, and our adorable little chi-poo named Gibson.
I have been vegan since 2014. My decision to become vegan happened the day I finished reading the book Skinny Bitch. I closed the cover, said to myself “I’m going to be vegan” and never looked back. Trust me, I was so confused and clueless about what to eat, how to shop for food, and where to shop. I did lots of googling and looking up recipes. Day by day it got easier and I started to figure it all out.
Everyday I’m still learning. I’m not a chef or a nutritionist or a vegan coach or a doctor of any sort. I’m just a regular person living a vegan life style and loving it. I decided to start this blog to help others who may feel lost and confused about becoming vegan or what to do now that they have chosen to be vegan. I will offer advice, support, tips, recipes, reviews on vegan products, how to order food in non vegan restaurants, and anything else that will help you on your path to being and staying vegan. It will be and fun and sometimes crazy ride.
Just remember I got your back; you can do this!