??Vegan Christmas Cookie Recipes ??


The Holidays can be a little crazy! So, I’ve decided to give you all a little help

Over the next few days I will be posting recipes that will take you from appetizers to entrees to sides, desserts, drinks, you name it.

?Today I’m starting with Christmas cookies ?

This will help you cross the, ” I need a vegan cookie recipe for the cookie exchange”, off your list.

Plus who doesn’t love having yummy vegan Christmas cookies in the house all of December?!

Christmas Cookies

Christmas  cookies also make thoughtful gifts. Tie them up in a pretty little bag and you have the perfect present to give a teacher, the mail man, the paper boy ( are there still paper boys?), your neighbor, or that unexpected relative that shows up out of the blue.

⭐️I hope you enjoy this post⭐️

If you make any of these recipes let me know what you think

Keep an eye out for more Christmas post to help you ease your way through the holiday!



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