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???So Easy So Good Veggie Salad???

So easy, so good! Yes this Vegan Veggie Salad is both!

I wasn’t really sure what to title this post. Yes I will tell you how to make the veggie salad. I also wanted to share with you why.

I’ve  been vegan for over three years now. I love being vegan and can’t imagine not being vegan. I eat only vegan food. The majority of the time I make all my meals from scratch. On some occasions I do eat packaged vegan foods. That my friends is what I mainly want to talk about. I promise I’ll keep it short ?

I’ve  noticed that my body isn’t very happy  with me when I eat processed or package food even though it’s vegan.  To be truthful, my body feels like crap when I eat packed foods.

Listen to your body!

There are so many packaged vegan foods popping up in stores nowadays.

just because they’re vegan doesn’t mean they’re good for you. Some contain a lot of  sugar, sodium, oils, and some strange stuff I can’t pronounce?

If you want to make sure the food you are eating is really good for you it’s best to make it yourself. I love knowing what is going into my body. When I make my meals from scratch I know exactly what I’m eating.

cooking from scratch isn’t hard or time consuming. You don’t need recipes or strange ingredients.

This is the part where the veggie salad comes in?

It really is so easy to make!

I’ll tell you how I made mine, but you can make yours however you like?

I used One 15oz can of organic no sodium black beans, one 15oz can of organic chickpeas. Drained and rinsed them. Pour into a large bowl. Add a 15 oz can of organic diced tomatoes with their juice. That’s the base of the salad. From this point on you can add any veggies and seasonings you like.

I added about a cup of corn, one chopped red bell pepper, a half red onion chopped, less then 1/4 cup of Oliver oil, a little sea salt and fresh ground pepper, a few dashes of chili powder, and some dried cilantro. Mix it all up in the bowl.

I like to put fresh basil on the top when serving.

You can serve it as is in a bowl, put it on top of spinach or rice, or even wrap it up in a tortilla and toast it ( I did the wrap yesterday for lunch, so good !)

So there you have it!

Have fun experimenting with your food. Spices are a great way to add flavor to anything.

choose the foods you love and create your own amazing meals❤️

⭐️I hope you found this post useful⭐️

If you try the Veggie Salad recipe let me know if you like it.

If you come up with your own creation, I’d love to hear about that too!



???Trader Joe’s Makes Vegan Food Shopping Oh So Easy???


 Did you know Trade Joe’s Carries a pretty large selection of vegan foods?

I know vegan food shopping can be difficult in a regular non vegan food store. So, I decided to throw in a bonus post today.

Go to your local Trader Joe’s. walk up to their customer service station and ask one of their friendly staff members to print you out a list of all the vegan items they carry in the store.

Yes! They will print you a list and they will be happy to  do it?

Just incase you are thinking, “Linda this is too good to be true” I posted a picture of the list my Local Gainesville Fl Trader Joe’s printed out for me!

There is a total of 5 pages of all vegan items they carry. They even spilt it into categories, Beverages, Shef-Stables, Refrigerated, Deli,Cheese, and so on.

So go get your list printed and find those awesome vegan foods in no time!

⭐️Hope you find this post useful⭐️

Post your comments and questions or post ideas

❤️ Hearing from you!




???Holiday Vegan Appetizers And Snack???

 Here it is as promised!

The next post in the Making The Holidays A Little Bit Easier Series

 Vegan Appetizers and Snacks

Who doesn’t love seeing the dinning table full of yummy appetizers and snacks to munch on before dinner?!  For some it’s the best part of the day. So, I’m going to share with you a ton of recipes to help you ace the Holiday Appetizer and Snack Table! People will be talking about your Hoilday spread for years to come?

Here are the links

The Ultimate Vegan Snack Board

Vegan Sausage Rolls

 Vegan Deviled Potato Bites

Vegan Carrots In A Blanket 

Vegan Cheese Recipes

Vegan Pinwheel Recipe

 Cowboy Caviar 

Ok, do you think that will be enough to get you through the Appetizer and Snack portion of the day? ?

I have personally made a few of these recipes. The Pinwheels and the Cowboy Caviar are my all time favorites. So easy to make and taste great!

⭐️I hope you find this post helpful⭐️

?Stay tuned for the next Post in the Making The Holidays A Little Bit Easier Series.?

?I’m thinking Entrees ?



??Vegan Christmas Cookie Recipes ??


The Holidays can be a little crazy! So, I’ve decided to give you all a little help

Over the next few days I will be posting recipes that will take you from appetizers to entrees to sides, desserts, drinks, you name it.

?Today I’m starting with Christmas cookies ?

This will help you cross the, ” I need a vegan cookie recipe for the cookie exchange”, off your list.

Plus who doesn’t love having yummy vegan Christmas cookies in the house all of December?!

Christmas Cookies

Christmas  cookies also make thoughtful gifts. Tie them up in a pretty little bag and you have the perfect present to give a teacher, the mail man, the paper boy ( are there still paper boys?), your neighbor, or that unexpected relative that shows up out of the blue.

⭐️I hope you enjoy this post⭐️

If you make any of these recipes let me know what you think

Keep an eye out for more Christmas post to help you ease your way through the holiday!



New! Silk Caramel Almond Creamer


Silk outdid themselves with this Caramel Almond Creamer!

I saw it in the refrigerated case and said to myself ” oh please please please let this be as good as I’m hoping it is”!

Guess what…it is!!!!

It has a wonder  caramelly taste and has only 15 calories per Table spoon.

Free of dairy, Gluten, soy, cholesterol, and carrageenan, what more could you ask for?!

Well, I have more. I love this Creamer, so I thought it would probably go well with my other love that comes out this time of year.

You guessed it, well maybe you didn’t, but anyway

Drum roll please

 Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas Coffee


These two where made for each other !

So good you don’t even need to add sugar.  Now this is  all coming from someone who isn’t a big coffee fan. I’m telling you you really need to try this. It’s like drinking a dessert.

It’s Christmas in a mug, warm, smooth, and soothing, it even smells heavenly.

I’m going to go and make myself a mug of heaven now

⭐️Hope you enjoyed this post⭐️

If you try the Creamer or the coffee, or both let me know what you think

❤️love hearing your comments and answering any questions you may have❤️



☕️Flaxseed Detox Tea☕️


So, Thanksgiving is over. Are you still feeling the affects?

Maybe ate a little too much stuffing or couldn’t decide between the vegan pumpkin pie or the vegan apple pie, so you had both?!

Need something to get rid of that bloated overstuffed feeling?

I’ve  got just what you need

Flaxseed Tea

Flaxseed contains both soluble and insoluble fiber which is very effective in flushing out toxins. This tea will get you feeling back to your normal awesome self in no time!

Click the link above for the recipe. This recipe calls for honey. I, like many other vegans, do not consume honey. You can replace it with agave or just leave it out completely.

Ok, gotta go my Flawseed tea s getting cold?

⭐️Hope you find this post useful⭐️

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Today Is The Last Day Of Summer. You Know What That Means…Pumpkin Spice Everything!


Ok, this pumpkin spiced flavored everything does get a little out of control. The other day I actually saw pumpkin spice scented Clorox Bleach?

Don’t get me wrong, I love pumpkin spice flavor but something’s should never be Pumpkin Spiced!

The problem is most of the packaged stuff out there isn’t made with real pumpkin flavor.  It’s loaded with stuff you really don’t want and shouldn’t eat. The majority of the productes out there aren’t vegan. Don’t let the healthy sounding titles on the boxes fool you.

If you do want to try a packaged pumpkin spice item please read the ingredients on the box. You can also scan it with your Is It Vegan app. Don’t have the app? Don’t worry! Check out my post click here.

Your best bet is to make your own pumpkin spice drinks, desserts, entrees, pancakes, whatever you like. There are so many great vegan recipes on Pinterest, Facebook, food blogs, or just google some?


My dear cousin Joanne ( thank you❤️) sent me an awesome recipe for Vegan Pumpkin Spice Lattes click on the link and start Fall off with a yummy, healthy, VeganPumpkin Spiced Latte. When you do, you can all say ” Thank you Joanne”!

?Hope you liked this post ?

More Fall recipes ( yes more pumpkin spice) will be on the way!

Let me know if you try out the Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe

Your questions and comments are alway welcomed!



Beachbody Challenge! This Vegan Girl Is Taking Care of The Inside and Outside of Her Body


I know I haven’t been posting as much as usual. I’m sorry,  I feel like I’ve been neglecting you and my blog☹️

But I do have a really good reason why !

About 3 or 4 weeks ago I decided to get my body in shape. Yes I know I eat well. Good clean eating. I feel good. I’m not overweight.

But I just wasn’t happy with the shape I was in. My body had no tone or definition.

I just didn’t feel like I was in the best shape I could be.

I learned about Beachbody from two wonderful friends of mine…thanks Christine and Michael. It just seemed to make sense to me. I saw first hand the results they  got from the program. So I decided to give it a try. Now I’m proud to say I’m hooked. I like working out . I do it in the privacy of my home. Don’t need any crazy equipment. I actually look forward to working out everyday.

Michael is my Beachbody Coach and along with His wife Christine they keep me motivated.

We along with others in our group are into our second week of the Beachbody Challenge. We have an app we log our workouts in everyday. If we stick to our required workouts at the end of the challeng, October 4th, we are all eligible to win money!

I can feel the change in my body.  It feels good, more limber and strong at the same time. Ive been doing PiYo which is a combo of yoga and Pilates, think yoga and Pilates on steroids?

So wish us all luck!!!❤️

I promise I will start posting more?

I have a few recipes I want to share with you. Quick and easy ones…our favorite kind, right?!

❤️Thank you for your support, your patience, and for sticking with my little vegan blog❤️

Oh. One more thing. Hi mom, I’m ok! Love you❤️❤️❤️



Genetically Engineered Apples?! Why?!


Well I just found out that Artic Apples have just created the first genetically engineered apples. All I can say is WHY?!

Ok they did give a reason. Are you ready for this? So they don’t turn brown when sliced. Give me a break! I’d rather eat a real natural organic browning sliced Apple then an genetically engineered Apple any day.

Arctic Apples

Click on the above link to find out more about Artic Apples and what you can do to help keep them out of our stores and restaurants.

Hope you found this post to be helpful

Feel free to leave comments or questions…as always love to hear from you?



CJ Acers…Compassion At It’s Best!


Just found out about this wonderful place right here in Florida!

CJ Acers Aminal Rescue Farm in Keystone Heights Florida, It’s a non profit, all volunteer organization

Their Mission Statement

Non profit, all volunteer organization that exists to rescue, rehabilitate and reintroduce abandoned, abused and neglected animals while promoting compassionate animal care to the community.

Just recently they had a charity event

That was a big success !


My friend Micheal Garrett, owner of Vegan2go, had the great honor of being asked to cater the event with the best vegan food in Gainesville



Michael at CJ Acers

This is a great organization with a wonderful mission and wonderful people.

These people volunteer their time to care for these abandoned and neglected animals

They are the voice of the voiceless

Help spread the word about this awesome group of people spreading compassion for animals

Please check  them out and like them on Facebook. Share their page with friends and family.

You can be apart of spreading the compassion too?

And that’s always an amazingly wonderful thing to do

Thank you CJ Acers Animal Rescue Farm for all your care, kindness, and dedication to bettering the lives of animals!❤️

Go to Facebook and type in search for CJ Acers Animal Rescue Farm…remember to like them?